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In 1999, Mr. Sandy Francesco Amodeo, a graduate of an American training in tribology, specialized in the distribution of surface treatments.

In 2004, this self-taught 26-year-old began manufacturing and developed the anti-friction metal treatment process: XT2tm. This unique process is offered through two flagship products: anti-friction grease and metal treatment for oil additivation. These universal treatments aim to improve the performance conditions of friction mechanical parts but also to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. In 2005, the WARM UP® brand was created by Mr. Amodeo to support these innovative formulas. His ambition is to provide professionals with a range of innovative, high-performance and economical products.

2009 is a pivotal year in the automotive industry, with new anti-pollution standards becoming more and more stringent, and car manufacturers are forced to equip new diesel engines with anti-pollution (or "depollution") systems.

Warm UP ® history

Faced with often inappropriate road behaviour (short distances, low-speed driving), these anti-pollution systems do not work well and are unreliable: saturation of the particle filter, clogging of the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR), seizure of the injectors and dirty turbocharger. These issues are becoming the new scourge of diesel engines but also of the driver's wallet!
In 2011, Mr. Amodeo will launch a new range of post-combustion treatments on the market characterized by a new process: XT3tm. This process acts chemically in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust gases to remove soot from the particulate filters, clean the EGR valves, release the turbo and restore the engine to its original performance while protecting the driver from expensive expenses such as changing the particulate filter or replacing the EGR valve. The XT3tm process is a great success with professionals who do not hesitate to attest to its effectiveness.

Today, the AMOSAN PETROCHEMICALS group, with its international headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, is successfully represented throughout the world. The brands WARM UP®, NANOFLUID®, CURE® COMBUTEC®, DETOX® and CERINE® combine an international technological approach, European marketing and Swiss know-how. These 6 brands, composed of more than 140 products, are highly successful and are represented by a network of competent and exclusively professional distributors. Municipalities, local authorities, companies, craftsmen, farmers, transporters, automotive professionals and industries benefit from an adapted range of products that extends the life of equipment while reducing investment costs.

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