AME TM-02 Motorsports Wheel

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The aperture and cooling efficiency.

Brake cooling is the most important thing in sports driving. Large aperture improves the cooling efficiency for brakes. TM-02 is a wheel that has a large aperture. The disk is designed 80% open that leads the air smoothly to the brake and improves its cooling.


ENKEI’s MAT PROCESS is developed to increase the inner strength and stiffness of the rim. This process is called flow forming that classifies as rim rolling. Yet,it’s ENKEI’s most leading technology that delivers lightweight and high rigidity.


TM-02 is designed with ENKEI. ENKEI supplies aluminum wheels in various race scenes such as drift, time attack, formula etc. They have reliable technologies and abundant know-how that they have cultivated for many years. TM-02 was developed, from strength analyzing, molding structures, manufacturing, with the collaboration of ENKEI.


Toyota GT86 AME TM-02

Toyota GT86 X AME TM-02

Lancer Evolution X AME TM-02

Lancer Evolution X AME TM-02

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Cyber EVO) TM-02

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Cyber EVO) TM-02

Road Legal in Switzerland Yes. Including CH homologation Certificate
Compatiblity 5x114.3 & 5x100
Weight Around 8kg


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