Warm up Motor Flush

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Pre-draining and pre-draining motor rinsing. Solvent-free detergent and dispersant formula.
 WARM UP® MOTOR FLUSH is a new pre-draining cleaning technology formulated with detergent and dispersant additives. Its unique principle improves engine performance by cleaning the oil circuit, ring grooves and wiper ring. This exclusive formula contains no aggressive solvents, which allows cleaning without side effects and continuous protection of the joints.

The advantages:
-Cleans the entire engine and oil circuit.
-Dissolves and removes sludge, soot, impurities and residues. Does not agglomerate particles and sludge. Suspends particles to allow them to be evacuated by emptying.
-Ideal for dirty strainers.
-Restores the original compression. Decreases the Blow by effect (passage of fuel into the oil).
-Releases and improves the segment-cylinder seal.
-Prevents premature clogging of the oil filter.
-Extends engine life by reducing fouling and overpressure.
-Improves oil circulation and contributes to better engine cooling.
-Prevents premature saturation of the dopes of the new oil.
-Reinforces the lubricating power of the new oil by improving the adhesion of the film on the surface.
-Miscible with mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.
-Applicable 4T petrol, diesel, LPG, ecological, turbo, catalysed, manual gearbox and axle engine.
-Compatible with particle filter, E.G.R., catalyst and lambda sensor.

The strong points of this formulation:
-Detergent and dispersant base (active ingredients of the oils): gradual, complete and safe cleaning. Exclusive formula without aggressive solvents (which are harmful to joints and create side effects). Micronizes and suspends the sludge (avoids agglomeration) to evacuate it by emptying it.
-Applicable to engines, mechanical gearboxes and axles.

-Dosage and application method:
-Hot - before draining - pour the 250ml bottle through the oil filling hole and let the engine run flat and idle for 20 minutes (do not drive). Drain, change the oil filter and fill with the new oil.
-Standard motor: 1 bottle of 250ml. Other: 5% in oil. Mechanical gearbox and axle: 5% in oil.
-Preventive or curative application, recommended every 30000km.

Compatiblity 250ml

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