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Maguiar's Ultimate Compound

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Meguiars - Ultimate Compound

Meguiars Ultimate Compound is a revolutionary product dramatically reduces the time and effort required to restore an abused or neglected paint finish. It cuts so fast and leaves the finish looking so good; it's hard to believe possible. The secret is Meguiar's exclusive micro-abrasive technology created for Meguiar's state-of-the-art products for body shops and detailers. Meguiars Ultimate Compound is...the ultimate compound. Guaranteed to outperform all other rubbing compounds in every way possible - or your money back.

For brilliant, high gloss protection, follow with Meguiar's Tech Wax 2.0.

  • Restores color/clarity to abused & neglected finishes
  • Cuts as fast as harsh abrasives - without scratching
  • Obsoletes traditional rubbing & polishing compounds
  • Used by hand or with our DA!

PRO TIP: Divide a panel to be treated with low-tack painter’s tape, and treat one half with Meguiars Ultimate compound. Remove the tape and notice the striking before/after improvement at the tape line. Then finish treating the panel with Ultimate Compound before applying a Meguiar’s quality wax to protect the surface.

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