Valenti ER-01

Valenti Euro Winker Relay

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◆ Euro blinker function You can blink the blinker three times with a single click on the blinker lever.

◆ High flash control function You can prevent the high flash (the phenomenon that the blinker gets faster) by replacing the LED bulb. In addition, it is possible to correspond to all patterns from the genuine light bulb state to the full LED.

◆ Answerback support Answerback function at the time of door lock / unlock is also available in all compatible models.

◆ A wide range of compatible models Compatible with vehicles equipped with 8-pin relays such as Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu.

Road Legal in Switzerland Yes. Including CH homologation Certificate
Compatiblity Mazda/Toyota/Lexus/Subaru/Nissan/Suzuki/Honda/Daihatsu/Mitsubishi

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