Fujitsubo 280-32046

Fujitsubo RM-01A for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-5-6

3 Weeks

New product

1'100.00 CHFtax incl.

This series was developed to provide great exhaust flow improving torque throughout the low and mid RPM range and increased maximum power. The high quality construction and enhanced diameter allows for sporty yet subtle exhaust note. Clean basic design for original classic stainless look. A great cost-performance option with tuning diversity from normal to tuned engines.

Composition Material: Stainless Steel

Tailtip Style: 99φ
Pipe Diameter: 76.3φ

Sound Level
- Idle Exhaust Noise: 77dB STD / 85dB Fujitsubo
- Proximity @ 5100rpm: 88dB / 101dB Fujitsubo

中間加速(40km/h→110km/h・3速)Acceleration 3.8秒 3.6秒
最高出力Peak Power 205.7kw(279.8ps)/6600rpm 213.7kw(290.6ps)/6470rpm
最大トルクPeak Torque 352.8N・m(36.0kg・m)/3970rpm 356.7N・m(36.4kg・m)/3870rpm
マフラー重量Weight 16.0kg 9.5kg
音量アイドリングIdling Exhaust Noise 75dB 85dB
近接排気騒音(4875rpm)Proximity Exhaust Noise 91dB 98dB
3000rpmExhaust Noise 82dB 91dB
5000rpmExhaust Noise 88dB 91dB
4000rpm〜6000rpmExhaust Noise 94dB 101dB
Road Legal in Switzerland No. For race only.
Compatiblity Lancer EVO 4: CN9A 1996.8~1998.1 with 4G63T
Lancer EVO 5: CP9A 1998.1~1999.1 with 4G63T
Lancer EVO 6: CP9A 1999.1~2001.1 with 4G63T

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