Fujitsubo Power Getter Mazda Mx5 NB6/NB8

3 Weeks

New product

1'230.00 CHFtax incl.

The torque and power obtained by giving top priority to exhaust efficiency, such as pipe diameter, layout and silencer structure, play powerful sound on the street.

Composition Material: Stainless Steel

Tailtip Style: 76.3φ

Pipe Diameter: 60.5φ

Idling Exhaust Noise: 60dB STD / 65dB Fujitsubo

Proximity Exhaust Noise (5250rpm): 88dB STD / 91dB Fujitsubo

Road Legal in Switzerland No. For race only.
Compatiblity Mx5 NB6C 1.6 MT (2002-2005
Engine: B6-ZE
Mx5 NB8C 1.8 MT (2002-2005
Engine: BP-VE

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