HKS Super Hybrid Filter - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X / 10

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3 layered filter, which each layer has different functions, is well balanced stock replacement type air cleaner for quick response as a sport filter and long life.

<Details of Filter>
  • 3 layered filter divides, collects intake air and smoothes air flow. It enables quick response that is required for sport filter.
  • Newly developed Non-woven fabric is the first layer that collects large dust. Second layer polyurethane filter collects small dust. Thus the new filter has longer life.
  • Joining of each layer was changed from flame lamination to net type joining that does not affect intake air flow. Dry 3 layer structure enables lower resistance.
<Details of Frame>
  • With high strength double frame, strong frame can be used for high horsepower.
  • Shape of re-designed top frame enables smooth air flow.
  • Separate shield frame is cushion type that does not require rubber gasket and easily disposable after use.


Diffences between paper type and poly urethance filters.

* HKS Super Hybrid Filter is frame seal type, not rubber (urethane) seal type.
(Some vehicles use stock seal)

Road Legal in Switzerland Yes
Compatiblity Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (10/Ten)

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