*New*: Dyno at Hanshin-Imports Sàrl

->Pour le Français, c'est plus bas!
->Für Deutsch, ist es weiter unten!

Since July 2019, Hanshin-Imports has the pleasure to announce the arrival of our Dynpack Dyno!
From August 2019, we can offer you on top of our previous tuning services:

  • Custom Dyno Tuning for many 2wd Vehicles
  • Measure your Engine Power with our Hub-fixed Dynpack 2WD Dyno
  • For shops and professional, we rent our Dyno (including an opperator) so you can get your tunes done yourself!
  • Host a Dyno Day for you and your friends/customers)

As mentioned above, for the moment we only offer 2WD Dyno Services! All 4WD owners and tuners, don't be worried! Give as a Year time and we will be getting the 2 missing pods so we can offer you also 4WD Dyno Services. Stay tuned!


  1. Dyno Run including 3 Ramp runs with Report and AFR Log: 150CHF (Inkl. VAT)
  2. Dyno Tune, (mark up to regular map): 250CHF (Inkl. VAT)
  3. Dyno rental, for shops and professionals (including operator runing the Dyno): 500CHF  (Inkl. VAT) for 4 hours.

To Book:

Phone: +41 21 784 5050
Email: Contact

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