New Video! End of Summer

New Video! End of Summer

End of the Summer: Swiss Car Meet with Hanshin-Imports Cars

*End of the Summer Weekend Vibes*
Click HD and do full screen for best results!
The meeting was organized at the Karting Vuiteboeuf Gokart circuit by Swiss Car Meet(creators of KB RALLY). In particular, thank you to Mehdi Kaeser! Very nice event with a great vibe to it. This video depicts the ambiance we had very well!
Thanks to Owen Silva Roethlisberger for the awesome eye candy he made! Make sure to follow him!
As for the cars, you can see a few nice cars running lots of Hanshin-Imports gear. By the way, all cars you see in this video are part of the White-Road speed star team (please follow )
Car owners: 
- Black Sti: Filipe Ribeiro
- Black Evo X: Tim Joke
- Blue GT86: Curzio (HKS Supercharger Road legal CH)
- Black GT86: #Obama AKA #Hamilton AKA Cedric Mühlestein
- Green JZX100: Jesse Handschin (Hanshin-Imports Sàrl Demo Car)

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Photo Credits: Jesse Handschin


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