Video! HKS Supercharger 320HP!!!

Video! HKS Supercharger 320HP!!!

Dyno Tune Video with the HKS Supercharger kit on Toyota GT86

Now that our HKS GT Supercharger road legal kit has been homologated for Swiss roads, we wanted to find out how much power we can make by keeping the current setup and optimizing the tune.


  • Stock engine: 200HP (in reality 180HP at the crank)
  • Only the HKS Supercharger kit and fully stock internals
  • Catalyser still on the car
  • Apexi Race catback

We are very happy with the results achieved by the tune together with Chip Racing in Zurich.

The results speak for themselves:


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HKS GT Supercharger KIT GT86 & BRZ

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Photo Credits: Jesse Handschin


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    Nov 28, 2019

    Thanks a lot for sharing this video about HKS supercharger here. I wanted to see this for quite some time, and I asked my grammarly reviews mates to share this video with me, but they didn't help me out. Keep sharing more good content like this with us.

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