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  • Tomei Powered

    Tomei is a engine parts specialist in Japan. They make some of the best pistons, conrods, race engines, exhausts and more on the market for Japanese car engines. Many of their parts are close to works of art, such as their welded piece by piece catback exhausts (not mandrel bent)

  • Wedssports

    Weds Co., LTD.  A leading aftermarket wheel maker based out of Tokyo, Japan.  Weds has been leader in alloy wheel manufacturing for over 3 decades.  From day one, Weds pursuit for innovative manufacturing technology has lead them to motor sport racing and advance industrial technology.  It is part of Weds belief and culture, creating the Advance Metal Forming technology. 
  • Yokohama Tire

    Premium Sports and Racing Tires by Yokohama made in Japan

Showing 19 - 21 of 21 items