Bride N050 MO

Bride Seat Rail MO Type for Nissan 180sx, 200sx, s13, s14, s15 Left

3 Weeks

New product

300.00 CHFtax incl.


Super Seat rail MO Type

  • Made in Japan
  • Seat mounting dimensions /length330mm x width 290mm,
  • Or length 271mm x width 345mm

Fit seat

BRIDE EUROSTERseries,DIGOseries,edirb 032 / 054,EURO II series,BRIX(old),ERGO(old),XAX(old),REVS

Fit seat in the case of using import side stay

Road Legal in Switzerland Yes
Compatiblity Nissan 200sx S13
Nissan 180sx
Nissan 200sx S14
Nissan 200sx S15

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